Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Board on Board

As was mentioned in the previous/first post there was to be a meeting with the pastor of Grand Valley Community Church in Brandon, MB. This meeting took place this past Monday April 11, 2011 at 4:00pm. The verdict:

Tim Clarke, the pastor is not only excited about working together but he seems to be one of those guys that is just good to work along side of. His response to us at the end of the meeting was, lets say yes now and work out the details later. Of course he would have to take the proposal to the board, a presentation that was to occur last night.

Last night, the board came on board with the vision. Tim has now asked that we meet the board, share our hearts and vision (not sell it, as they're already sold), and the details of cost, contractual agreements surrounding how we reside there and if/when necessary leave their building.

I just want to praise God for His unyielding provisions with this ministry thus far, and I believe He will continue to do so as time goes.

Please, keep us in your prayers, and if you feel the urge we would be so blessed with any financial blessings you can afford. We are still in the process of Incorporating the ministry so all financial donations can be sent to House of the Risen Son Ministries in Winnipeg, MB. with a note at the bottom stating that you wish to contribute to Valley Well Ministries.

Thank you, and May God Bless Enrich and Grow Your Lives Ministries and Families